The Eureka Moment!

LanceV16August 16, 2017

Eureka Moment: the sudden, unexpected realization of the solution to a problem.

While coaching lacrosse I have seen plenty of “Eureka Moments” from players through the years as they have a seemingly sudden realization, understanding, or ability to execute a new concept.  It’s as if one day the player is lost in their own head and not quite grasping a concept or technique…and then BAM!  A light-bulb comes on and just like that the player seems to figure out how a particular aspect of the game works.  It’s always a great moment while coaching lacrosse to witness this moment of realization for a player.  I am consistently interested in HOW the player got to that moment.  Was it a particular drill that resonated with him?  Or was it some specific terminology or analogy that a coach used?  Somewhere, somehow, there was something very specific that made that light-bulb go on for the player.

One thing I know to be true is that the “Eureka Moment” does not happen by chance.  A player does not jump from one level of play to the next higher level of play based on dumb luck!  What enables the “Eureka Moment” to occur?  Properly executed reps of specific techniques and skills.  As with anything else in life, there are no shortcuts to success.  These “Eureka Moments” will occur at different times for different players, and that is normal.  The one constant is that the moment is actually a result of hard work and individual effort that the player has put in leading up to said moment!  A good coach can expedite a player to his Eureka Moment through focused training and high repetition drills.

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