All players have access to quality lacrosse coaches.

Access to Quality Lacrosse Coaches?

LanceV16May 23, 2016

Traditionally, the best lacrosse players have come from a few “hotbeds” around the country.  Baltimore, Long Island and Upstate New York usually come to mind.  Why have these areas historically produced the best players?  It’s pretty simple: these areas had the most participants and the highest quality lacrosse coaches.  In other areas of the country where participation levels were lower or lacrosse was just being introduced, access to good coaches was always a barrier to success and growing the game.  Now, lacrosse is growing rapidly (US Lacrosse Participation numbers) and becoming a mainstream sport all around the country, but the same problem persists in that there are not enough good/knowledgeable coaches to keep up with the growth of the game.  Of course we all appreciate anyone who is willing to take on the tall task of coaching youth, middle or high school teams, but in reality – not all coaches have the necessary background or experience to be considered great and qualified lacrosse coaches.

At Exaro Sports we are the solution to the “lack of access to quality lacrosse coaches” problem.  Our mission is to empower all athletes, through the use of cutting edge technology (an app), with the tools to control their own success, regardless of location.  How do we do this?   The Exaro Sports technology allows us to coach remotely to players everywhere, regardless of location.  Each player receives individualized, interactive weekly training plans created by expert, quality lacrosse coaches.  Each training plan is fully customized for the player to help them maximize their skills.  The training is measurable and improvement can be tracked.  The app allows interaction and feedback between the player, parents and coaches.   Additionally, training can be done on the players schedule when it is convenient to them (and their parents!).    Exaro Sports is giving all players the access to great individual coaching and the chance to reach their full potential!  At Exaro Sports, we believe that coaching is much more than just “telling” and our Coaches are supreme teachers of the game.

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