Playing vs Working

LanceV16June 3, 2016

Summer is a great time to “play” and enjoy the game of lacrosse, but don’t forget to put in the “work” if you want to see real improvement in your individual lacrosse skills.

Spring seasons are now done and everyone is transitioning into Summer Lacrosse mode. This usually means summer league games and tournaments. Lots of tournaments with lots of games. Summer tournaments allow players the opportunity to play with guys they don’t normally play with in the Spring. Players can try new moves and skills, or play new positions that they haven’t tried before while in a more relaxed setting than the typically more competitive Spring leagues. The focus tends to be on winning these tournaments or games, but not necessarily improving individual play.

As high school coaches, we often ask our players before they head into the summer months, “what are you going to do this summer to work to get better?” The answer is usually something along the lines of “well, I’m playing in this, this and that tournament.” Okay…, but there was no mention of putting in the work on individual lacrosse skills! There is a common misconception that by just showing up and playing in countless games in tournaments that you as a player will get better. How does that work? The game experience is surely invaluable in that players of all ages can compete and gain situational awareness or “lacrosse IQ” as some call it. But through all of the tournaments and tournament practices, there is simply not enough time or reps available for a player to achieve real improvement. So, while all of the “playing” done in the summer has it benefits, it shouldn’t be considered “working” to improve one’s individual lacrosse skills.

In order to truly improve, a player must dedicate time to “work” and focus on specific individual skills such as shooting, dodging or footwork, etc., outside of a team setting. Improving ones game requires countless reps which help develop muscle memory. These reps cannot be accumulated while at a team practice or during a game situation. “Working” also means spending time in the gym to become a bigger and stronger athlete. There needs to be a balance between “playing” and “working”, with the scale tilted more towards “working” if a player wants to see great improvements.

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