Is your player getting enough reps this summer?

LanceV16July 20, 2017

Individual lacrosse training should include high repetition drillsThis is a great question for all players to ask themselves as they work hard this summer to improve.  Many players think that by simply playing in a lot of games their skills will greatly progress and no extra work is needed.  If you break it down though, how many reps of any particular skill is a player actually getting in each summer game or tournament game?  My guess is somewhere in the range of 2-10 reps per game depending on the skill.  That’s not very many reps, and certainly not even close to enough reps to see true improvement, even if playing in two games per week and a few weekend tournaments throughout the summer.  To realize a player’s true potential, the player must be working outside of the games to get the invaluable reps that can only come from individual lacrosse training drills.  So, be sure your player is getting his reps in if he really wants to improve!  (Check out our previous blog post on the topic here: Instincts vs Thinking)  There are literally countless individual drills that any player can do to improve – that goes for any position.  Go hit the wall, or find a goal, or set up cones and do footwork drills, but do not only rely on games to make your player better (a previous blog discusses this issue)!

Exaro Sports has all of the individual lacrosse training drills your player needs to get his reps in during the off season, and we can create a custom training plan suited for his individual needs and goals.  Every player who subscribes to Exaro Sports is assigned a personal coach who will guide, monitor, evaluate and provide feedback at every step of the process.  Don’t miss out on your chance to train with the best, and leave the competition behind.  Subscribe today to start training smarter!

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