Our Story

Exaro ProsMarch 24, 2016

With experience coaching teams from the youth lacrosse level up through high school varsity, we the founders of Exaro Sports are very familiar with the challenges players face to reach their full potential.  Throughout the year, players have a myriad of lacrosse training options to participate in from spring, summer and fall leagues, club and tournament teams, clinics and box lacrosse.  The list goes on and on.  The old way of thinking was; the more you play the better you get.  Sure, Exaro Sports delivers a clear path to success through individual lacrosse training the players are able to gain lots of team practice and game experience, but at what cost financially and to individual skill development?  Different coaches on different teams teaching different skills and fundamentals at every stop along the way.  Where is the continuity and consistency of the message for the player?  How vested or qualified is the coach?  The player is left to pull all of the information that they garner together and improve from there.  If they are lucky they can retain a small percentage of the information, put it together and improve at a relatively slow pace.  Additionally, parents are left with little or no control or information about how to help their kids improve.  Ultimately, we felt there was no clear or measurable path to success and that there had to be a more efficient way to improve!

At Exaro Sports we could clearly see that the learning environment was too disjointed, but we have found a solution.  We are utilizing unique, cutting edge technology to provide year round interactive individual lacrosse training so that players and parents can have a road map to improve.  Using an interactive application, each player is assigned an Exaro expert lacrosse coach to guide them to becoming a better player.   First we analyze the player and determine his strengths and weaknesses.  Through video interface on the Exaro Sports App, we are able to interact with and guide the player’s development.  The player receives individualized weekly interactive lacrosse training plans.  Each plan includes weekly outline of drills and videos of drills narrated and tailored for the specific needs of each player.  Using the video messaging feature, parents and players can give feedback and upload video of the player.  Each week plans are designed after analyzing the videos and listening to player and parent feedback.

Our custom step by step approach and processes provide each player with a true road-map to success.  We take each player from point A to point B and then to point C.   Instead of a piecemeal approach to getting better, the player now has an individual coach and a specific process to follow.  This step by step approach is how to improve at any endeavor, and it is no different in the game of lacrosse.

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