There is no magic wand!

LanceV16August 10, 2017

Learning the technical aspects of a sport such as lacrosse is a process that takes time, focus and sustained effort.  Improvements are gradual and do not occur overnight.  In other words, there are no shortcuts to success!  We have all heard this claim, but what exactly does that mean when applied to individual improvement in sports?  Players can go to a camp or clinic and learn some new skills for a few days, but that does not guarantee they will improve at lacrosse.  Players can play on a club team with a couple of practices a week and a few games on the weekends, but that does not guarantee improvement.   So where does the improvement occur then?  The improvement comes from the player taking the information from the camp, clinic or club and putting in the individual training hours to master the skills.  One issue with this model however, is that the players likely don’t get much individual coaching at the camps, clinics and clubs, and therefore don’t know specifically what they need to work on, and equally as important, how to work on those deficient skills.  To truly improve at lacrosse, players need to receive individual attention that includes honest evaluation and then a road-map outlining exactly how to improve.  Camps, clubs and clinics are all great places to learn, but don’t think that they will have the “magic wand” effect on your player’s skills!  For real improvement, your player needs individual evaluation and then drills and exercises specific to his lacrosse needs.  He will then need to put in the individual hours working on those drills and exercises in order to become a better player.  (See Blog Post: The Importance of Practice Away from Practice).  There are no shortcuts to success, so be prepared to put in the work!  Former NCAA basketball coach, Rick Pitino, has said “success is a choice and there are no shortcuts.”There is no magic wand solution to improve at lacrosse

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