Never Be Satisfied

LanceV16October 17, 2017

Across all sports, the best players, teams and coaches over time are the ones who are never satisfied. Even after a big win or great performance, they are thinking of ways that they can improve to be better the next time out! They never want to lose a step to the competition. A classic example of this can be seen with Alabama coach Nick Saban. After winning the National Championship over Notre Dame back in 2013, Saban was asked how long he would celebrate. His response, “Well, two days, and then we’re going to start on next year.” (read the full article here)  Now this is a bit extreme, but that is to be expected from a coach at a top D1 football program whose expectation is to win National Championships yearly. The bottom line is that Saban (and all great winners) knows that past success is no guarantee of future results.Past results are no guarantee of future success

From a youth and high school lacrosse standpoint, we can use this same type of approach, albeit scaled down a bit. For all of the players who are playing in tournaments this off season, don’t fall into the classic trap of being satisfied with personal results and performances after the tournaments are done. Don’t think that just because you or the team had a nice showing in a fall tournament that you can put your stick down and quit working until the spring season rolls around. Keep your stick in your hands and keep working weekly to get better while keeping skills sharp. Don’t let the competition catch up to you, or catch up to the competition if you’re behind. Remember, past success is no guarantee of future results!

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