Play Another Sport!

LanceV16July 28, 2016

Multi sport athletes make the best lacrosse players.As coaches we are often asked by players and parents, “what can I do in the off-season to become better lacrosse players?”  The answer is simple, play another sport!  How can playing another sport make you better at lacrosse? Multi sport athletes are the most well rounded players in terms of athletic ability, “sports IQ” and competitiveness.  For example, playing football helps players learn toughness, discipline, and teamwork.  Basketball helps players better understand offensive and defensive principles, which correlate directly to lacrosse.  Playing a sport other than lacrosse allows athletes to compete in an environment where they will experience different competitive situations than what they might see on the lacrosse field.   Players can draw on these experiences later when they face adversity in a lacrosse setting.

Too many times we have seen youth players fall into the single track of specializing in lacrosse year round and not participating in other sports as they grow older.  Frequently, by the time these players reach high school, they have already peaked as players and are less dynamic than their peers who are multi sport athletes.  Playing lacrosse year round can burn out the player, whereas mixing in another sport in the fall or winter can help keep the player’s mind fresh and keep them hungry to get back out onto the lacrosse field.

With all of this being said, it is still VERY important to keep your lacrosse skills sharp during the off season so you don’t fall behind.  This is where wall ball (stick skills), shooting, footwork and other individual skills can be maintained, even if for only a few hours per week.  (Subscribing to Exaro Sports is a GREAT way to stay sharp and IMPROVE during the off season).  So, get out there and be a multi sport athlete and play another sport this fall!

Did you know? 30 of the 32 first round picks in the 2017 NFL draft were multi sport athletes.

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