Making Technology Work For You

LanceV16June 20, 2016

We live in a world that is driven by technology. Every day we use technology in countless ways to make our lives easier or make different tasks faster or more convenient. Think about your daily routine and how much of it utilizes technology in some form or fashion. A prime example of our society’s connection to technology can be seen in the smart phones and iPads we all carry. The “phone” is really a mini computer that we are able to take with us everywhere. We can do our banking, order food via an app, take pictures, and check email from anywhere. Technology has truly given us the “world at our fingertips” as the saying goes.

Even the sports world is being touched by different uses for technology. Instant replay, in-depth film breakdown, and live-streaming events to people all over the world are just a few examples. So then, can technology be employed by athletes to train smarter and more efficiently? The answer is yes! Exaro Sports is putting technology to work to the benefit of lacrosse players all over the country. The Exaro Sports App allows for athletes to have interaction with expert lacrosse coaches while following personalized training plans at the athlete’s convenience. No longer does the player have to go to the park or school to meet up with a coach for a personal lesson. The player simply logs in to the app, where the personal training plan has been delivered, and can do the training when it is convenient to them. Talk about efficiency! Technology is everywhere, including in sports, and now with the Exaro Sports App, athletes can train smarter and do it on their own schedule.

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Expert Lacrosse Coaches available to all players subscribed to the Exaro Sports App