It’s Potential Season!

LanceV16March 2, 2017

Turn lacrosse potential into resultsPo·ten·tial  –  having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.

Spring lacrosse season is starting up or in full swing in most places now, and I keep hearing about potential.  “This kid has potential…that team has the potential.”  It’s true, all players and teams have lacrosse potential.  The potential to improve from what they are now into a better version of themselves down the road.  Not everyone has the same ceiling for the levels they can reach, but nonetheless, everyone has the potential to improve and be a better tomorrow than they are today.  This applies to all athletics, including lacrosse.

But what can potential actually get you, or what can you achieve with potential?  Not much.  Potential doesn’t score goals, make plays or pick up ground balls.  Potential has never won a game or face-off.  One saying I have heard lately from some coaches is, “Potential can get you fired!” because potential does not equal results.

So then, what can you do with lacrosse potential?  Through hard work, targeted training and focused drilling you can improve your skills and turn your potential into measurable improvement and achievement.  The players and teams that don’t get impressed with their own potential, and who continue to put in the hard work towards actual results are the ones who will realize their full potential.   Ask yourself what you will do today so that you are better tomorrow.  (See Blog Post: Go win the job now!)

Forget about your lacrosse potential this spring, and make it about results!  Sign up for Exaro today and be sure that your potential is turned into results on the field.

Here’s an interesting article where Ohio State University’s football coach, Urban Meyer, explains the downside of the phrase, “he’s got potential.”