The Importance of Fundamentals

Exaro ProsApril 21, 2016

Everyone says lacrosse fundamentals are important.  Then why does developing fundamental lacrosse skills seem to be so low on the priority list for so many coaches, clubs, camps, etc.?  Often times, it seems like the lacrosse fundamentals are forgotten or overlooked, in favor of learning the newest and coolest trending skills.  Maybe coaches just assume that players will develop the fundamental skills on their own time and do not want to commit time at practice to teaching the proper technique of the basic skills.

For example, I have been to countless games (youth and high school) where I see a player in warm-ups who can shoot the lights out sidearm when he is standing still with no pressure from the defense.  Maybe he hits this shot only 3 out of 8 times, but those three times sure looks great and gets everyone excited.  He’s probably worked on this shot at practice and not been coached to master the overhand shot before even attempting the sidearm variety.   Then, as I watch the player more closely over the course of the game I notice that he can’t consistently scoop a ground ball, throw a good pass to his teammates or shoot overhand on the run.  Shooting 3 of 8 is not good; not being able to make simple plays is even worse and is not going to make any team better.  Clearly, the player does not have a good fundamental base and is not on his way to becoming a great player.  It’s like he skipped steps A and B, and tried to go directly to C!  This is not the recipe for success!

Basic lacrosse fundamentals are the key to every player's success!The dictionary definition of fundamental is: belonging to one’s innate or ingrained characteristics.  At Exaro Sports we truly believe that nothing can be accomplished without having a strong base of fundamental skills (ingrained characteristics).  Our training is based on breaking down even the most basic lacrosse fundamental skill into smaller component parts and motions, and developing correct muscle memory for each component.  Slowly, we combine the components until the player has mastered the skill.  Once the player masters the lacrosse fundamentals of a skill, we can then move them on to other skills.   Strong lacrosse fundamentals are the building blocks for every great player.  Think of MLL or D1 players and how many “simple” skills they execute extraordinarily well over the course of a game.  As fans we don’t even notice how sound their lacrosse fundamentals are because we are waiting to see the extraordinary play from them.  Being a great player always comes back to being able to do the simple fundamentals extraordinarily well, and that is how we model our training at Exaro Sports.

Our cutting edge technology allows us to provide each player with personalized instruction and teaching in the form of interactive video interfacing.  First, the player and parents send us (through the Exaro Sports app) video footage of them playing or practicing.  From there, we can break down the footage and determine the best path to success for the individual based on their current skill level and deficiencies.   We are able to deconstruct each skill into the component parts and then teach each component with video examples and focused exercises.  Skill by skill we form a strong fundamental base for the player and from there they can grow into the player that they want to be as they progress through our training regimen.

To be successful, you don’t have to do extraordinary things.  Just do ordinary things extraordinarily well.”              – Jim Rohn (entrepreneur and motivational speaker)

Did you know? Exaro means “to cultivate” in Latin.  Let us cultivate your lacrosse skills and help you to be the best version or yourself.