Go Win the Job Now!

LanceV16July 26, 2017

Off-season lacrosse training is critical to improvement and success.Want to win that starting spot on the Spring team next season?  Want to make the team you think you deserve to be on next Spring?  Those results will be a product of the off-season lacrosse training you put in NOW, as in this summer and the upcoming fall. (Don’t rely on your “potential” to get you by).  As a coach, I’ve talked to so many players who get nervous before Spring tryouts.  They’re most often worried about which team they will land on.  Some are “hopeful” that they make a certain team.  My question to them is always the same, “did you put in the work in the off-season?”  If their answer is yes, and they truly did put in the work, then I tell them they have nothing to worry about and they will be just fine and will land where they should.  If their answer is no…well then that is on them and they will likely be unhappy with their performance at tryouts and subsequent placement on the depth chart.  Results in the Spring are not a product of random chance or “hopefulness,” but are directly related to the amount of work done in the off-season.  The off-season is where players make their greatest strides because they can put an emphasis on improving specific individual skills through high repetition lacrosse drills and focused training.  Each player must be accountable to themselves in the off-season, so that when the regular season rolls around, they know that they did everything in their power to be the best player possible!  A player’s off-season lacrosse training plan will be the key to success or failure in the upcoming season.

Put in the time now with personal lacrosse training and individual lacrosse drills.  Exaro Sports can guide any player to train effectively and efficiently so that he can win the job now!  Exaro Sports will make you a better player.  Read what some of our users have said about their experiences training with us!

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