Coaching is Not Telling

LanceV16September 13, 2016

A good lacrosse coach "teaches" rather than "tells"Question for you: Is it a “lacrosse coach” or a “lacrosse teller”?

“I told them a million times to do ____ _____ this way!”

“I don’t know how many times I’ve told them to do _______ and ______!”

How many times have you heard a lacrosse coach issue the above statements after a loss or poor performance, or after seeing his (or her) players commit the same error time and time again? Hearing those types of statements would indicate that the coach feels as though they did their part and the players are failing because they are not doing as they are told. But let’s take a step back and think about this. Is coaching telling? Does being a good lacrosse coach simply mean being good at telling? The answer has to be no! If coaching was solely telling, then anyone could be a good coach.

Coaching is teaching, and teaching is being able to break concepts down into smaller components that can be taught and understood. Look at the best coaches in all of sports, and most people will agree that they are great teachers. Great coaches teach their players how and why they are doing certain things, rather than just telling the players to do them. When players understand how or why something is done a certain way, they gain a greater understanding of the game and can develop a better sports sense or sports IQ.

At Exaro Sports, we as coaches understand the importance of teaching as opposed to telling, and apply this to our training philosophies. We teach and train athletes by helping them to understand and master the component pieces of each lacrosse skill one step at a time. Once the athletes have mastered the component pieces of each skill, then we put the pieces together and work on the full skill set. By breaking each skill set down into smaller pieces, the athletes are able to develop and learn the proper technique, and the results are players with fundamentally strong skill sets.

The next time you hear a coach go down the “I told them_____” route, ask yourself if the coach is really coaching, or if he is doing too much “telling.”

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