• Interactive, tablet-based lacrosse training and remote coaching

What is Exaro Sports Personal Lacrosse Training?

“Exaro Sports is totally unique and like nothing else out there”

1. A technology based coaching platform
2. We like to call it “Remote Coaching”
3. A nationwide network of some of the best coaches in the game
4. Using our proprietary technology, we will:
• Analyze video of your player
• Securely communicate with you and your player
• Design and implement a long term training strategy
• Deliver Practice Plans that are comprehensive and specific to your player
• Provide a resource for parents to be involved in the training process and to answer the myriad of questions related to your player’s athletic development
5. Using our platform empowers your player by putting them in charge of their development
6. At the same time your Exaro Coach is your player’s “angel on the shoulder” to make sure he is focused on the right thing at the right time
7. Remote Coaching allows for your player to be individually coached by some of the best coaches in the game!


Our experienced coaches bring an intense passion for lacrosse training and teaching. We cultivate your skills through custom training plans and personal video interaction, from basic techniques for new players to high level skills for more experienced players. Regardless of skill level or location, we will make you a better player!

Don't Get Left Behind


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